Frequently Asked Questions

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General questions
Q: What is
A: Think of it as a shopping list hosting service. You create your list - we serve it to your computers, PDAs, mobile phones and whatnot.
Q: How many lists can I have?
A: As many as you like.
Q: Do you ever remove inactive lists?
A: Lists that were not accessed for three months might be removed. If it happened to you - just create it anew.
Q: Are there any new features planned for
A: Sure. To name a few: get item list and insert new items via SMS (does anyone know a reliable yet free SMS-to-Email forwarding service?); update shopping list via e-mail; item grouping feature; etc.
Q: What browsers supports?
A: is tested to work with all moderately new versions of FireFox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Older browsers should work as well but without AJAX support.

Usage questions
Q: How do I create new list?
A: Just enter its name to the "login" form on the right. Protect it with a password if you want. If such list does not exists it will be automatically created for you. Use the same form for opening it later on.
Q: Can several people manage one list simultaneously?
A: Absolutely. That's the idea btw :)
Q: Do you have a printer-friendly version of my shopping list?
A: Yes. Click print in your browser - list page will be automatically transformed into printer-friendly format.
Q: What happens if I check "remember info" when opening my list?
A: List info is saved into a "cookie" on your browser. You won't need to enter passwords again - your list will be conveniently accessible through dropdown form on the right or by going directly to[yourlist].
Q: What happens if I check "set as default list" when opening my list?
A: When you come to a homepage, you are automatically redirected to this list.
Q: Why password is optional?
A: We believe that shopping list is not a critical information. Therefore we leave it up to you to decide wether you want additional security or easiness of not having to type any passwords.
Q: If I share my list with someone, will he/she also able to edit it?
A: Yes. requires no registration so there are no owners or permissions. You either have access or not. So choose carefully who you trust your list password to.
Q: What if I forgot my password?
A: Create another list. Wait approx. three months for your list to expire ant then recreate it. We do not require any user registration so we cannot send you password reminder.
Q: Can I use my lists as iGoogle gadgets?
A: Yes. Click the "Add To Google" button on the right. You can have as many instances of list gadgets on iGoogle page as you like.
Q: Can I reorder items in my list?
A: Yes. Just drag and drop them with your mouse.
Q: A dropdown list of items appears when I'm typing in an item. What's this?
A: It's an autosuggest feature. analyzes history of your list and shows matching items ordered by the frequency of past usage. Press TAB to cycle between matches or mouseclick on a required one.

Mobile devices
Q: What are the differences between mobile and WAP versions?
A: Functionally, there are none. They differ only ir presentation technology. While WAP version is created solely for WAP-enabled phones, mobile version is meant for "real" mobile web browsers like Opera Mini.
Q: How do I turn on "small screen" mode?
A: It is turned on automatically on devices whose screen resolution is less than 800 pixels wide.